“Let there be no strife, I pray you, between me and you … for we be brothers.  Is not the whole world before us? Separate yourself, I pray you, from me: if you will take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if you depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left … and they separated themselves the one from the other.” (Genesis 13)


      “… neither Pagan nor [Muslim] nor Jew ought to be excluded from the civil rights of the Commonwealth due to his religion.” (Thomas Jefferson)

      “The precept of the Koran is perpetual war against all who deny that Muhammad is the prophet of God, …” (John Quincy Adams)

      “The essence of (Mohammed’s) doctrine was violence and lust: to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.” (John Quincy Adams)

      “IT is no doubt very desirable that we should hold out as many inducements as possible for the worthy part of mankind to come and settle amongst us, and throw their fortunes into a common lot with ours … to increase the wealth and strength of the community.” (James Madison)

      “My opinion, with respect to emigration, is that except of useful mechanics and some particular descriptions of men or professions, there is no need of encouragement.” (George Washington)

      “The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits;” (Alexander Hamilton)


“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” (John Adams)

3-3million-muslims◊ About 3.3 million Muslims live in the US: approximately 1% of the US population.  That compares with the Muslim population percentage in the UK (5 times greater than the US), Germany (6 times greater), and France (8 times greater).

The number of Muslims in America is expected to double by 2050, which would make Islam the second largest religious group in the U.S. Muslims represent about 10% of all legal immigrants to the US: 45% of whom have arrived since 1990.
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◊ Muslims have been in the US since the 16th century. Between 10-30% of African slaves brought to the US were Muslims, but practicing their religion was suppressed. Today, about 25% of American Muslims are Black, most of whom converted to Islam during the last 70 years.
Wikipedia. “Islam in the United States”

◊ Western converts to Islam state some of the following reasons for changing their faith:  A simple theology that does not require salvation or confessing sin – A detailed teaching of social laws – A strong sense of morality, as compared to a perceived weakening of moral teachings in the Christian churches.
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◊ 67% of American Muslims identify as Democrats and 15% as Republicans. Prior to 9/11, Muslim voters were much more divided; but since that time, they have swung strongly toward Democrats, based on concerns about Middle East wars, civil liberties, and Islamophobia.
The Atlantic, 2/1/16. Graham, David. “How many Muslims will vote for Donald Trump?”

◊ Politically favorable views of the RELIGION of Islam? 51% of Democrats and 27% of Republicans. Politically favorable views of MUSLIMS? 67% of Democrats and 41% of Republicans.
Brookings Institute, 12/9/15. Telhami, Shibley. “What Americans really think about Muslims and Islam”

◊ Psychological studies suggest that 9/11 was a turning point in increasing the conflict with Islam in America. Muslim Americans who were surveyed expressed a post-9/11 sense of double trauma and PTSD: grieving the loss of American lives, coupled with the increase in America’s anger and blame toward Islam and Muslims. American Muslims who participated in the studies showed higher than normal rates of depression, anxiety, detachment, and anger. This stemmed from their inability to deal with the conflict between their traditional culture and religious beliefs, versus their desire to be part of the American culture and values.
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◊ Almost half of American Muslims say they do NOT want to assimilate in the US. Regarding assimilation of Muslim Americans,  traditional American views on this subject are giving way to two extreme and different viewpoints. One argument states that Muslims should not be expected or required to assimilate and follow traditional American ways. Muslims cite historical US acceptance of other isolated religious minorities like Hasidic Jews and the Amish.

The other argument states that Islam negatively impacts America, and its presence should be limited and monitored due to its principles and morality. Its social, political, religious, and philosophic beliefs are irreconcilable with America’s historic democratic ideals and Christian values. 49% of Muslims think of themselves as a Muslim first, and then American. This is about the same as the percentage of Christians who feel that way about their religion. 81% of American Muslims believe it should be allowed to build a mosque near the site of the 9/11 Trade Centers.
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◊ 48% of American Muslims say their leaders have not done enough to speak out against Muslim extremism. Between 1994 and 2015, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) collectively issued over 100 press releases condemning specific terrorist acts of all kinds, world-wide. However, both organizations continue to have connections in varying degrees with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda, all of which are considered radical, terrorist-supportive organizations.
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◊ 51% of American Muslims polled in a recent survey stated it should be their right to be ruled in the U.S. by Shariah law and Shariah courts. Shariah law, from the Quran and Hadith, includes the sanctioning of beheading and stoning as punishments. About 20% of the American Muslims who were polled – which would translate to about 600,000 individuals, said that use of violence (or jihad) in the US is justified by their god Allah, to bring about Shariah law in the US.About 25% of those polled stated that it is acceptable to use violence to punish those who offend Islam or the Prophet Mohammed.
Center for Security Policy, 6/23/15. “Poll of US Muslims reveals ominous levels of support for Islamic supremacists’ doctrines of sharia and jihad”

◊ Between 1980 and 2005 in the US, only 6% of all terrorist acts carried out in the US were committed by Muslims. This is, however, six times disproportionate to their part of the US population. In 2015, 450 of 452 suicide terror attacks throughout the world (99.6%) were carried out by Muslim extremists. Worldwide since 9/11, there have been 24,795 attacks by Muslim terrorists; and this counts only the acts in which there was loss of life.
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◊ A US Justice Department investigation stated that 250 Americans tried to join ISIS in 2015. This is 2.5 times more than tried to join just one year before.
NBC News -New York, 9/30/15. Dienst, Jonathan. “Number of Americans trying to join ISIS doubles in a year: Justice Department

◊ Radical Islamic terrorist groups use the internet to recruit future terrorists.  The typical profile of a terrorist recruit is:  male, in their 20’s, a Muslim who is second or third generation in their immigrated country, and upper or middle class.

The steps that terrorists usually go through online to recruit new members are:
  • Identify potentially interested individuals 
  • Surround them with terrorist supporters
  • Isolate them by encouraging separation from family and friends and communicating only with terrorists/sympathizers
  • Change their communications – getting the candidate to switch over to private, encrypted messaging platforms
  • Encourage the new recruit to actually do a terrorist act, after finding out what they might be most interested in and willing to do


About half (and growing) of the 3.3 million Muslims living in America do not believe in – nor want to adopt the traditional culture, values, and laws of the US. This makes Islam in America an increasingly difficult, dangerous fit. Almost half of American Muslims do not want to assimilate into US culture, and MORE than half want to be governed by Shariah law rather than the US Constitution. Violent terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists in the US continue to increase; Western Europe is overrun with threats and terrorist acts from Islamic extremists. The US government continues to take no major steps to address – or even acknowledge this problem.


For the present and future safety of our country, the US government minimally needs to follow the more stringent approach to immigration practiced by our Mexican and Canadian neighbors. Immigration and refugee quotas from Islamic countries and Muslims in general need to be carefully reconsidered. US immigration requests from individuals, with any ties to Islam, need to be thoroughly vetted. Those granted admittance should continue to be monitored during their US residency. Any connections with radical Islam or criminal behavior at any time, should immediately prevent/remove an immigrant forever from entering/staying in the United States. This should include the monitoring of any Islamic mosques that promote sedition.


Brief 16A – Oct. 6, 2016